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Cremation & Ashes Jewellery

Crafted with care, respect and precision, preserving your precious memories at times of bereavement, our memorial jewellery is a way of keeping your loved ones close at all times.


  1. We always design our pieces so that the ashes are encapsulated, not like the cheap breakable resin stones available online. 

  2. It can help with the grieving process.

  3. Space dependent, we can engrave your loved one’s handwriting onto your memorial piece.

  4.  All of our pieces are totally handmade.

  5. All our rings can be resized in the future (being encapsulated and not set in resin stones).

  6. Rings and pendants are the best option (bracelets can get knocked about too much).

  7. Because the ashes are in a enclosed capsule, you can also roll up a little handwritten message to include.

  8. Ashes will be looked after in our safe and will never leave our studio until you collect the finished item.

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