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All our jewellery remodelling projects are undertaken at our studio with love, care and respect.


You may have recently inherited some jewellery which is not to your personal taste and would like to turn these into something wearable. You may also have unworn or broken jewellery pieces sitting in a jewellery box; remodelling allows you to breathe new life into old, sentimental and/or broken pieces.


Some of the benefits of remodelling and repurposing are.:


  1. It renews old metal which is better for the environment 

  2. It’s a great way to honour loved ones, if using sentimental precious metal, diamonds and gemstones

  3. We quite often are asked to remodel engagement rings so they’re more in keeping with your personal style 


We reuse your metal; it is NEVER substituted for new bullion so you can guarantee your metal is being used in your new piece. You can see your old pieces being melted and can be reassured that they will be used as instructed.


When we have the chance, we take photos during the making process so you can see the journey of your new finished article.

Restorations & Repairs


All tasks are completed to the greatest quality during the R&R process. 


We can do the following: 


  1. Undertake general repairs

  2. Re-shank the main band of a ring

  3. Claw re-tipping

  4. Change part or whole components 

  5. Supply and set replacement diamonds or gemstones (for lost or broken stones)

  6. Rejuvenate old engraving 

  7. Polish and rhodium plating service is available, as well as other services

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